Don’t even mind the teeth anymore. Vanessa Paradis at the Chanel show in Paris today – Karl must have lost his sh-t as most of the marquee celebrities turned up at Dior but many opted to stay away from his. Some minion must have been on the receiving end of a vicious bitch beating fan today. But I digress.

Something about her hard quirky looks – it’s incredibly sexy. And the way she’s been able to captivate JD for all these years…word is, when he talks of her he still gets all gooey eyed. And why not? I find French women have this way about them…this way of giving and taking back and twisting you all up in knots on the inside – brings out my Sapphic side.

And while Fergie’s looks have admittedly improved of late – had to laugh at the shot of the two side by side. Not so flossy flossy.


Besides, what the f&ck is a girl who wears acrylic nails with rhinestones doing in the front row at Chanel anyway???

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