So random.

There was a dinner in Paris last night to celebrate Karl Lagerfeld. I don’t know the occasion but Karl thinks it’s a stupid question if you asked it. Do we need a reason to celebrate him? “Vanity is the healthiest thing in life.”

Vanessa Paradis was there. Effortlessly chic, of course. And Fleur Delacour. And some other French society ladies. And then… Rachel Bilson and Blake Lively.

You just…

Shake your head, you know?

You just shake your head and move on.

You move on because you don’t need to be a fashion expert to see that Blake and her Try stand out so awkwardly, almost endearingly, against the natural elegance of the others. She’s so earnest about it I think I might have to be on her side, if for no other reason than she looks like the girl who jumped out of the birthday cake that got delivered to the wrong party.

Also, please let’s play Photo Assumption on the shot of Bilson clutching Karl’s hand. I’m not actually sure he remembers who she is.

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