Karl Lagerfeld screened his short film Remember Now in St Tropez yesterday. All his skinny bitches were summoned to support him. Mostly models of course but also two of his favourites Vanessa Paradis and Diane Kruger with boyfriend Joshua Jackson. This is the second outing in a row that she’s toted around that basket. She makes it look cute, I guess, but rich people don’t live practically, and it’s one of those Carrie Bradshaw things that probably doesn’t translate well to the masses.

Karl’s jeans are killing me. Chanel says we hike them up to our ribcages to display an ample amount of haute couture ball squash. I think I just repulsed us. Karl’s balls are probably anorexic too.

After the premiere all the chic people were invited to play petanque and get photographed. Rich people are so absurd I love it so much. And Joshua Jackson has come so far. From Capside to the South of France, from Gap jeans to rolled up fashion pants and loafers tossing metal balls on the French Riviera, trippy non?

It borders on the privileged ridiculous but I love these pictures of them dancing, wineglasses in hand and baskets in the middle while all the other “fabulous” folks are just wandering around, almost as though Karl “designed” this moment, a contrived random snapshot of his vision of what last night was supposed to be. They are intoxicated with themselves. It’s my favourite.

Photos from KCSPresse/Splashnewsonline.com