Vanessa Paradis performed at Town Hall in New York last night. Johnny Depp was in the house to support her. The two were photographed leaving the venue together. It’s her first tour in over a decade to promote the release of her greatest hits album. She’s been doing this for 23 years. What? Yeah 23 years. She’s a child star. Albeit a French one. Not to be intentionally incendiary so early in the morning but what is it about the North American component with respect to young celebrities that dooms them so?

I remember the first time I saw the Joe le Taxi video. Omg, we ALL dressed like that. Sweatshirts as “going out” clothes! In Canada we had a brand called Beaver Canoe. I rocked my beaver canoe sweatshirts every day with a pair of baggy-ish jeans rolled up just around the ankle.

Can you imagine a 14 year old wearing that today? We watched American Idol last night and could not believe that that group of kids with the overbearing mothers was only 15 and 16. They look AT LEAST 20, if not more.

Anyway, Vanessa next plays Los Angeles at the Orpheum tomorrow, and then it’s over to Montreal on Sunday at the Place des Arts. Wonder if Johnny’s on groupie duty with her.

Click here for a good article on Vanessa from the Montreal Gazette in advance of her performance.

Photos from Turgeon/Rocke/ and Theo Wargo/