Not really sure why Kate Bosworth had to be at that Chanel event last night when Vanessa Paradis was there. She’s only, like, the coolest sh-t ever. And more chic and steeze than anything that Bosworth twat can snort. This is of course is why Johnny Depp couldn’t help himself. This is why she became his and he hers. Can you imagine if Kate Bosworth actually tried her homewreck playbook on Vanessa Paradis? Oh please. I would very much like to see that go down.

Just to make up for my wonky posting schedule today, a treat from Tonza (thank you!) to get you through your afternoon. Have you seen Johnny’s cameo from Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d'enfants with the impossibly stylish Charlotte Gainsbourg? He played “L’inconnu”. The stranger. And speaks French. And looks so beautiful. And is so beautiful. A lifetime, right?

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