Check out Vanessa Paradis yesterday in LA hitting up an ATM. Yes, yes, take it out of your ass, I know they’re not married. Mrs Depp is just a shorter title than “The Partner Of Johnny Depp” and it can fit on one line.

It always surprises me when really famous people do ordinary things like take money out of a bank machine. I always imagine they never need cash. Or that they have it lying around the house in piles. It’s very Elvis Presley. And, you know, Johnny Depp, despite the big front, he’s a lot closer to the Elvis Presley way of luxury life than you think. In fact, I wonder, with all that Disney money, if Johnny’s personal net worth (some estimate it to be around $350 million) isn’t about equal to the Presley estate. Oh, all this talk of money. The Dowager Countess of Grantham would be scandalised.

Anyway, Vanessa, Johnny, and the kids have been spending a lot of time in LA lately but rarely papped. And I’m telling you this because, again, it IS possible to not get papped every single day with your kids in Hollywood.