Johnny should be in New Mexico working on The Lone Ranger.

His reportedly estranged girlfriend Vanessa Paradis meanwhile is at home in Paris, seen yesterday leaving Ralph’s restaurant after a meeting with French musician Benjamin Biolay. It was rumoured last year that the two would be collaborating on new music after Biolay said during an interview that he would like to write her a few songs. Cue speculation that this is her Depp replacement.

There’s still nothing definitive about Vanessa and Johnny though. It’s been 3 months since PEOPLE’s cover story declared them “all but finished” but now no one really knows for sure. For instance, she still flies on his private service and they have been in LA on a few weekends at the same time several times. Of course that’s understandable too as they share children.   

Dark Shadows promotion however should be starting soon and we may get some more insight. While JD certainly has the power to request a ban on personal questions, everyone will be angling to get one in there. He might not be able to escape it.