Not yet, but they’re talking about it.

For a movie about Simone de Beavoir and one of her many lovers Nelson Algren with whom she had her most significant relationship. Vanessa Paradis confirmed that she and Johnny Depp are considering the project:

“They're still writing the script but the idea would be amazing because it's such a beautiful story. You only know when you're really actually shooting. We've had plenty of opportunities to work together but I don't know that I could do it; keep a straight face in front of him... It's something that we don't look for, otherwise it would've happened many times. My American Lover came along and it might happen just because the story is great and why not if we can, but we don't push things. Playing in front of one of the best actors in the world that we have and someone I know so well will be challenging. That's why we don't run after it. But I don't know... why not?"

Why not indeed?

It’s tempting to want it, if only so we can rely less on the imagination. And it would then be easy-ish to deceive ourselves that their characters are simply extensions of their real selves, and that therefore what we’re seeing is a true glimpse behind the veil.

But I wonder about the couple first/work later model.

It’s different when the two actors are not in love at the beginning. Like Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and then the art becomes the reality. I wonder though about what it’s like when the reality is established already and the art has to follow. If it’s actually less fun for the voyeur. Because then inevitably the mystery changes shape.

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