I’m kicking this off with some gloat. You can skip ahead if you can’t handle it. Back in December I was the first to report exclusively that several of my girls, Carey Mulligan, Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone and more were shot for the prestigious Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair.

The cover has been unveiled. Aren’t they lovely? Not surprisingly, Mulligan, Stewart, and Cornish take the main slot given the year they’ve just had. But this is great news for Anna Kendrick too who could hear her named called tomorrow when Oscar nominations are announced, and the plucky Emma who scored success with Zombieland, and – sigh! – Rebecca Hall for whom I have fangirled already on several occasions.

Has anyone called Jessica Biel today? Maybe we should check on her. She must be choked. Because she’s looking at 8 reasons why she’s not getting those scripts. As talented as they are however, there’s a lack of diversity here that I find troubling. The Hollywood Issue has never been culturally varied, no, and it’s also a reflection of Hollywood as a whole, sure, but not one? They couldn’t call Freida Pinto? Why wasn’t Gabby invited? I’m a Chinese person, maybe I’m too sensitive to this.

Lastly, as great as these girls are, their boys are kinda suspect. I would adore Abbie Cornish a lot more if that douche Ryan Phillippe could be removed from her life. Evan Rachel Wood, Marilyn Manson, enough said. Robert Pattinson hasn’t shown me much character beyond his hair to deserve the force that is Kristen Stewart, Dominic Cooper is rumoured to be rather cavalier about his relationship with Amanda Seyfried who has many problems beyond boys, Emma Stone has been with Kieran Culkin forever and, well, wasn’t that family the Lohans before the Lohans?, and finally even Shia LaBeouf, for whom I have a quiver spot, we all know he’s not exactly low on drama.  Carey's already been through a meltdown with him.

They are young though. Taste evolves. Most of the time.

One more thing - one of these is usually a bust. You can't bat 8 for 8. Who will it be?

To read the full Vanity Fair article click here.

And watch the video of the shoot below.