It’s Thursday. Time to GOOP.

Unfortunately this week it’s f-cking recipes again.

Summer salads. Most of them actually look good…except for the first, the chicken. You can prepare the tastiest meal ever. Add chicken and to me it instantly becomes bland and boring, especially since North Americans have been brainwashed into believing the breast is the best part. How can the driest, least juiciest part be the best part?

Do I rant too much about hating chicken?

Anyway, the other three aren’t bad. Love suey choy and soba with oyster sauce is delicious for breakfast.

But I can feel your irritation already.

GOOP is so far up her own ass.

Well Vanity Fair agrees with you.

Check out this hilarious piece inspired by GOOP to mock GOOP using many of G’s quotes, and not that far out of context, to illustrate how f-cking insufferable she’s becoming.

What do you mean becoming! Lainey, she’s ALWAYS been insufferable!

You call her insufferable, she’d call you ungrateful.

Don’t you know she’s doing this for you???

Gwyneth told last week:

“People are so grateful that it’s free. It’s just nice to share what you have. And I have all this great information. It’s just a gift. People want me to do all this other stuff. But right now, I just really love doing the site. I love thinking about the letters, what I’m going to write about, what kind of information we can put in there.”

People are so grateful that it’s free.


Very insightful. That’s exactly what G is all about.

A reader called Jonathan N posited several months ago that…

GOOP is akin to a long line of British/Protestant/Upper Crust Charity.

GOOP is moral uplift, it reminds me of Andrew Carnegie building libraries, instead of building libraries, Gwyn is building newsletters, or of the temperance movement, which began by well intentioned Upper Middle Class women who are attempting to use moral suasion in order to provide moral uplift for the great unwashed masses. See the Women's Christian Temperance Movement...

Gwyn = Andrew Carnegie for the Twenty First Century.

She’s doing us a favour see?

Make a salad, teach your children, let me show you how it’s done, let me show you poor people how you can be closer, but not too close, to the elite.

So why aren’t you more thankful?

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