Love Vera Farmiga. Sometimes she dresses like a crazy person though. Remember this?

Vera did much better on the cover of the new issue of NUVO Magazine. Beautiful. My favourite story about Vera is how honest she is about Up In The Air, specifically that she’d just had a baby before starting work on it and the studio called over - God studio executives are assholes - and wanted her to lose more weight. Have you seen Up In The Air? Hollywood is CRAZY.

Anyway, Vera is currently promoting her film Higher Ground which she directed and stars in. Was very well received at Sundance. The reviews were amazing. They actually called her “our generation’s Streep”. And Higher Ground opens this weekend in Vancouver and Toronto. The trailer is below. As the director, she had to film her 16 year old sister through a sex scene. Are you comfortable with this or not? I can’t decide.