MET Powder Bluebell Sh-t: Vera Farmiga

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 4, 2010 07:55:18 May 4, 2010 07:55:18

Her dress at the Oscars was rather unpopular. And now this at the Costume Institute Gala. So ... is it official? To declare that Vera Farmiga has bad taste?



Even if you don’t mind the colour (to me it’s offensive), and even if you can forgive those bo peep bonnet sleeves (they’re embarrassing), and even if you can overlook those tacky aunt curtains hanging off the bottom (come into my saloon!), how can you possibly justify that limp ass ribbon dangling between her breasts? It doesn’t look properly tied. Up close it doesn’t even look properly finished. I mean... is it fraying??? Already???

We will fight over a lot of people today. We will yell at each other until we can no longer breathe. But I am confident that that we won’t be fighting about this. This is universally ass.

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