So I log on to the photo database to pull down some arfAR pics and one of the first ones I see is one of some dude down on his knees shooting Verne Troyer (aka Mini Me). I think to myself, ok, that’s a bit unnecessary, but it must be a one-off.

Next photo: dude STILL down on one knee with another guy staring down at Verne like he’s a f-cking circus side show!

A third with him being dwarfed by the photo wall at a strange angle, and a fourth with a reporter squatting down to interview him.

WE GET IT!!! HE’S JUST A SHADE UNDER TALL!!! Do we really need to keep drilling the fact home? I’m surprised they didn’t have the photog get down on his stomach and then possibly do upside down snow angels to get a head-on shot of Verne. F-ck!

That being said, I’m sure Verne is used to it and happily takes his stature to the bank. Recall when he subjected himself to this ridiculous situation for Big Brother UK? If not brace yourself.

Speaking of Mini-Me…Mike Myers was at the event too. Also attaching a couple of photos of the douchebag.

Written by Jacek
Photos from Zibi/