Okay, so Veronica Mars, right?  If you’re one of those people who’s just heard about the movie like it’s so much noise, and is kind of rolling your eyes and maybe your Entertainment Weekly subscription is rolling in and you’re like “This on the cover?”, I have to tell you that you may be on the wrong side of history. The movie is gaining steam and momentum and it’s supposed to play for one week at my closest cinema so I’m basically going every day and taking a different person each time.  

But I’m not the only one. One of the revelations from EW is that Warner Bros was so surprised and impressed with the movie that they had Rob Thomas write a kind of prelude so that complete neophytes would know what they were getting into, the understanding being that there will be complete neophytes.

And while the whole Veronica/Logan thing is well-telegraphed (he’s the guy on the cover of EW with Kristen Bell) I couldn’t help but look at photos of the cast and think two things. #1: Wow. We’re all really old. And #2: Who’s going to get the biggest heft out of this?

As I check out the cast photo in EW (Picture 8 of 12 at this link)...

…I think about Weevil. For the uninitiated, he’s at the far left, and is known by his real name, Francis Capra. This guy…he is some kind of charisma onscreen. I never understood why it didn’t happen in a bigger way for him. Is the movie going to give him a second shot? I mean, Percy Daggs III, you are one of my very favourite TV Wallaces but I’m not sure you’re going to go on and resuscitate a career. Tina Majorino and Krysten Ritter don’t need anyone’s help, I don’t think. Piz…I mean, he’s Piz (with all respect to the probably lovely Chris Lowell). There’s Jason Dohring and Ryan Hansen and my boyfriend Enrico Colantoni. They all have lots of fans, and while I don’t doubt fan clubs will start setting regular meetings again, I don’t think anyone who loves them will discover anything THAT new.  

But Eli “Weevil” Navarro was kind of a moment in time, and Francis Capra seems fresh enough to land in a whole new way. Is he the one who’s going to get a second act? (In addition to Veronica and Cliff and the entire town of Neptune and good God I can’t wait to see Vinnie Van Lowe again and I really want to hear him sing “Private Eyes”.)

Click here to see more photos and click here for more about the movie.

(Lainey: Duana has already pre-ordered our tickets for opening night. We were briefly considering throwing a party-screening. See you there?)