She made Victoria Beckham look healthy. Seriously, I was alarmed when she started making her way to the stage. Those arms! Those little arms!

Oh Sally…

Sally’s emotion was charming, as was Emma Thompson’s in-audience support, though seriously it’s like she hasn’t eat since Meryl Streep last won an Oscar.

Sally was considered the front-runner for Best Actress at the Oscars back in November. But even though she won the Globe, she’s up against a momentum-building Kate Winslet and Marion Cotillard from last year too.

Explanation: Julie Christie was favoured last year. Marion’s win was a come-from-behind. But in awarding Cotillard, the Academy may have exercised what I like to call its “obscurity bug”. Let’s give it to someone no one knows this year, just to show we’re not predictable. Next year, we can go back to the heavyweights.

The obscurity bug is hurting Sally’s chances.

But how about some food first?

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