Only Victoria Beckham. Everyone else wears leather pants and they cling like leggings. Victoria Beckham puts them on and they’re loose. It’s a proud moment for our Posh: to be so thin that not even the smallest size will fit her.

Her Elle Magazine spread barely made a splash, certainly not as exciting as the last one, and worse still, the Elle feature means she’s been pushed even lower on Anna Wintour’s list of possible cover candidates…

You know when things get rough, she can only control her food. Which must be why Mrs Beckham seems extra lean, even by her standards. At least her dress line is doing wonderfully well? Great reviews, selling briskly…

And still somehow with Anna she is falling short.

Well Anna needs a happy place too. Anna understands the meaning of earning something. Making them work for it. For years. I am sorry to have doubted her.

This is Posh on Sunday heading out of LA.

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