Love it.

From six episodes to a one hour special, Victoria’s America television debut will be called Victoria Beckham: Coming to America – 50 or so minutes of Victoria rehearsing her candid moments with makeup on the entire time which I will totally watch, even though a bit disappointed.

Having seen past Beckham documentaries where she offers brief snippets of her less plastic self, less than an hour is clearly not enough time for her to showcase her flossy flossy AND let her guard down too. And if the network description is any indication, chances are it’ll be long on the glamourous life, short on amusing candour:

"Victoria"s every move is documented by the paparazzi, but only our cameras have been allowed inside the world of what being Victoria Beckham is really like.” Keeping in mind however that “what being Victoria Beckham is really like” had to be shot on occasion two or three times to get the lighting just right. Hee.

As for why the truncated documentary as opposed to a series, originally it was said to be because she didn’t want to spend so much time filming away from her family. Now my sources are saying it was an excuse to cover up the fact that David did not want to be filmed and frankly, 6 half hour episodes with Posh alone, as riveting as she is, was not flying with advertisers.

Vanity is quite obviously getting in the way her better judgment. Situation looking ripe for a Freebie Five conquest – is David in London next week?

Here’s Posh arriving in NYC for a Barney’s event today… I admit, I am so buying.