Launched her denim line in NYC yesterday – as you can see, Victoria brought the full-on Posh. Love how she has to jam her feet into all her shoes, love how she’s now adopted the Celine Dion Lunge as part of her signature pose, love how you could stick a sausage in her mouth and not get lipstick smeared on the sides, and especially love her ski jump nose.

The other day I went to see a plastic surgeon. Am writing an article for Flare Magazine, the November issue, about skin care. They sent me for consultations running the gamut from super invasive to extremely non invasive procedures to protect your skin and prevent aging. He told me not to smoke and use sunscreen and that I wasn’t ready for a face lift quite yet. Nice.

But Dr Carr is the top plastic surgeon in Vancouver, Head of Plastic Surgery at The University of British Columbia. So of course I had to ask about my hawk nose. He said if I absolutely insisted he would fill in the trough on the bridge between my eyes and take cartilage from behind my ear and stick it on the end to lengthen and lift it. Problem is, China people don’t look good with whitey noses. And where hers is cute, mine would be an ugly pig. So my point is, I’m all over her nose. Just not her concrete tits.

And speaking of tits, Dr Carr and I talked about that too. Am ignorant. Never knew a woman could still breast feed with implants…did you? Breast reduction however, my dream procedure, is a different story altogether. But I digress…

Posh in NYC, Posh signed autographs, Posh’s jeans retail for $250, Posh’s husband just confirmed to be a presenter at the Concert for Diana. Rumours swirling in London already – that Posh was not included in the invitation. More details coming in… will keep you posted.