Karl hates Jessica Simpson but he loves Posh and he loves Lilo. In fact, this is what he once said about the Dirty Face: She"s somebody you want to protect, because she plays dangerously with her own life. She behaves like an over grown up person, and that"s what I like about her. It"s like she"s 45, but in fact, she"s 20.

It also doesn’t hurt that Lilo totally buys in to his gospel: eating is for the weak, you know? Thin at all costs…just like Posh.

Here they are, all three of them at the Chanel Cruise show last night looking chic and hungry. Definitely not a fat day for Victoria – in leggings and some kind of PVC contraption around her waist. Posh also appears to be smirking a little, which must mean she is particularly proud of whatever she didn’t eat…well done.

As for Lindsay – do you love that jacket? I LOVE that jacket. In fact I love it all from head to toe. But would you wear this on a cruise? Would you wear any of this on a cruise?

If you could afford it, why would you be on Carnival anyway?