You saw the video the other day edited and manipulated to show a couple on the rocks, and you’ve heard the gossip – now that Becks is being welcomed back to represent his country, his enthusiasm about an American move is supposedly waning and his dissatisfaction over his wife’s constant absences is taking its toll.

Credit Victoria then for knowing her limits.

Fresh smut from the UK this morning, Posh has apparently recognized the warning signs and bailed out of a trip to the US for two weeks to shoot her reality show, saying that nothing is more important to her than family. Traveling back to LA would have meant that Victoria would miss England vs Brazil and the Euro qualifier against Estonia next week, to say nothing of his final match wearing a Real Madrid uniform.

Posh supporters are describing her stance as a real sacrifice and a reflection of how devoted she is to David and the boys. Detractors are buzzing that he sat her down and scared her straight, that she became aware of how dangerously close he was coming to A. cheating on her again or B. cheating on her and leaving her that she sucked it up and told NBC they’d have to rework their schedule if they wanted to her to show up.

As it now stands, there will not be enough footage to fill initial network plans which could mean modifying the show from a series to a one-hour special. Said her publicist: "Victoria has had great fun filming the show. However the schedule was incredibly tight and it is up to the network what happens next."

See the beauty of the Posh? She will overreach occasionally but she will always know her limits, she will always stay true to her brand. Her brand, her identity – she IS Mrs Beckham and that bitch will fight tooth and concrete tit to stay Mrs Beckham, even if it means giving up America.

More shocking developments?

Victoria Beckham wearing FLIP FLOPS!!! Here she is picking up one of her kids, just a regular mom in cutoffs and casual footwear. Posh is like Paris, you know. A wardrobe for every photo opp, a wardrobe for a new image.

PS. Convenient the sudden loyalty towards the Empire when a Knighthood is on the line, non?

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