These photos kill me. As announced yesterday, the Spice Girls will reunite and go on tour in December. And without any shame, am not too proud to say that I will so totally be getting tickets. Hopefully for the London show on 15 December!

But have a look at the five of them at the photo call – all of them ecstatic, all of them smiling, all of them trying to resurrect what Girl Power stands for…with one glaring exception.

Posh simply cannot bring herself, even on a happy occasion like this one, to actually smile for the cameras. Now how can you not love this bitch and her concrete tits? And how on earth can they stay contained inside that bustier?

In terms of personality, not much has changed in 10 years. Geri, Scary, and Baby are still the most interesting. The other two just sit there and play their parts. I suppose Sporty was somewhat vocal yesterday but the problem is, when she starts talking, everyone stops listening. The attitude is still there though – flashes of it evident with Scary taking exception to a rude question about their fitness levels and Geri’s eyes blazing at one point when a tabloid journalist asked about lipsynching. And more than anything else, it’s that sass that was missed.

The girls were sassy. And it was frivolous fun. And now Zig-a-zig Ahhh is back!!!

Love, love, love.

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