Victoria Beckham, back in LA to shoot scenes for her new “unscripted” reality tv show, dressed in designer sports shorts. Posh TV is apparently still scheduled to go forward in spite of the fact that very little usable material has been filmed. According to UK gossips, Posh is pushing ahead with the plans over David’s objection, encouraged by her appearance last week at the MTV Movie Awards and insisting that too much has been committed so far and that it is too late to back out.

Still…Victoria is nothing if not an opportunist. And so here she is, on location at some restaurant, trailed by crew and also…Paul Sculfor, Jennifer Aniston’s latest piece. Bet your concrete tits my girl Posh would totally sell out Katie Holmes for a BFF exchange with Brad’s ex.

No shame. And this is why I love her.

Curious also the reports flying around London these days - once upon a time, Posh prioritised the importance of the Beckham brand, clearly understanding that she was born simply to be his wife.

However, the recent Hollywood notoriety however coupled with the prospect of a Spice Reunion has supposedly clouded her judgement somewhat.  Blinded by her own ambition, with a false sense of security buoyed by the unique way LA can blow stardust up your ass and lead you to hell in the process.

I"m thinking another infidelity scandal by October. Trust.