Her underwear ads – two shots have just been released. You likey?

Have to say Mrs Beckham looks great (the hair is amazing) but then again, she SHOULD look great. With that much light and shadow, a thousand assistants fluttering around for touch-ups, it’d be criminal if she didn’t look less than perfect.

How amazing is it that they had to find a fat angle?

The one of her lying on the ground, angling her hip and ass cheek to the camera – it’s probably the fleshiest part of her body. Perhaps the only part of her body where the bones don’t protrude. Definitely not a pose for everyone.

But since Posh has been “running” so much, her glutes have been adequately toned (and sculpted by the photoshop artist), used here to sell you some Armani panties.

Will you buy Armani panties because Victoria Beckham is asking you to?