Brown leather coat we"ve seen before but still... Posh dressed to kill while looking for schools for the kids and also the American Beckham castle, reportedly turning down several because they"re "too small". Plans for renovations include soccer themed motif in all boys" room, the idea being to almost create pitch inside the mansion. TMZ notes that the cost will likely exceed US$100,000...and that doesn"t include her dressing room. My sources tell me closet space has been a huge factor and something she"s rumoured to be calling her "inspiration space" - for all the clothes she will be "designing." Hee. Also up for consideration - supposedly a parlour filled with Beckham memorabililia to treat guests to the majesty of his football career. So totally chav. So totally Rossum. But what I wouldn"t give up for an invitation to tea...and a crack at the Golden Balls myself. Source