No, I"m not being immature, I"m just telling it like it is. And in the new issue of People Magazine, Britney talks about her baby Sean Preston, revealing a series of nicknames she has for him including but not limited to Boo Boo and Poo Poo. In other words - a mistake and a sh*t. Sorry gossips…had to be said. Not that I don"t think terms of affection and cutesy monikers for your kids aren"t great and maybe it"s just me, maybe it"s just because I"m a childless crank with a child-allergic womb…maybe I just don"t get it. But Boo Boo and Poo Poo? What happened to Pumpkin? Or Pookie? Or Sweet Pea? Are those outdated? Did I miss something? Is Poo Poo the new black? Just asking… And while we"re at it - do you know what the Beckhams call Brooklyn? It"s Busta. Now Busta is a cute name. Busta is creative, Busta is funny, Busta is perfect. Poo Poo? Not so much. But hey - maybe it"s just me. Photos from Popbytes