Madge, Lola, and little David Banda in Malawi today. A meeting with David’s biological father was expected to take place, though journalists were blocked from coverage which is why at press time (11am PST) no confirmation has been released.

As for growing gossip that all is not well between Madonna and Guy Ritchie, that he was supposed to travel with her to Malawi, that they fought and he refused to follow – as I reported last week, he is working on a tv show for ABC. Now their relationship is certainly tenuous, at times alarmingly and death-grippingly so, but those who are downplaying the marital strife speculation are suggesting that since it appears that Rocco has stayed home too, it’s an indication that Guy never intended to come along in the first place.

And finally, many of you wrote yesterday, following my attempt to set up Lourdes with Brooklyn Beckham in 10 years, to criticise the baby fuzz on top of Lola’s upper lip...

But don’t you think it’s actually kinda cool that a celebrity child, Madonna’s child no less, 10 years old, has not yet been subjected to the rigourous Beauty Regimen force-fed to young Hollywood starlets these days? First step waxing, next step boob job…if you ask me, getting rid of the ‘stache is like a gateway to narcissistic hell. I’d like to believe that Madonna recognizes this. I’d like to believe that Madonna is guarding against it.

Thousand apologies for the sickening Oprah Moment.