Clusterf*ck at LAX last night as the Beckhams landed. Fans, photographers, people screaming their balls off… was told it was quite the scene and even the Beckhams themselves seemed taken aback which in itself is a surprise.

They flew commercial, they pretty much announced their travel plans, they sent the boys to be taken away first, and then made a slow walk themselves to the car, making sure there was enough time for the paps to cover their arrival… not exactly subtle.

And still…still Becks seemed pretty excited about the fanfare, actually cracking open a wide smile for his adopted new public. Same could not be said for his wife, though most are in agreement that Victoria appeared to be suppressing her own delight – and who could blame her? So far so good.

Waiting for them at home at their new mansion? As you would expect, every detail meticulously planned down to their cars.

For him an Escalade and custom wheels and her a Bentley soft top with VB stitched into the head rests (camel leather) and engraved onto the hubcaps – do you love it…or do you LOVE it?

Word is there’s a party this weekend, photos should be released by Monday, the day her one hour special premieres on NBC…like clockwork.

Can’t wait.

Am a born-again Beckham this week, especially after that W Magazine photo shoot and the way he looks in this jacket. After several hours on a commercial liner, there’s nary a wrinkle. Bet your boob job he has two.