My girl Mrs. Beckham has taken a lot of heat recently for these pics, snapped last weekend as she was leaving dinner in London. “She’s too thin, she’s like the walking dead, she needs to lay off the plastic surgery, she’s so plastic”…and on and on and on. Look y’all. Chill the f&ck out. Would Vicky be Vicky if Vicky didn’t look sickly? Would Posh be Posh if she didn’t look lollipop? Trust me, gossips. Our world would be decidedly less interesting and a helluva lot less smutty if Victoria took out the concrete tits and started eating once a week. So celebrate the girl for what she is and has: A British femmebot with a saline brain, the gift of reproduction, the finest shoe collection since Imelda Marcos, and the sexiest piece of football ass on the planet. Posh & Becks fuh-evah!