He might be a philandering greedy arse married to a set of concrete tits, but once in a while it"s nice to know he doesn"t think only for himself.... Thanks to all of you who forwarded the article in the Toronto Star, of David"s phone call to a very sick 19 year old from Hamilton, Ontario - at times too weak to talk and fighting for her life - who received a spark of hope in the form of a phone call from the world"s most high profile footballer. David rang up himself, apparently no assistant requesting a patch-through, and they spoke for 4 minutes, talking about the sport, about how she was doing, he told her he liked her nickname - her friends and family call her Becca but they add an "M" on to the end to mimic her idol - and then he asked if there was anything he could do. She declined but 4 days ago, a jersey arrived - gameworn and signed: "To Rebecca, With Love, David Beckham, 23." Call me Cruise and Hormonal but I"m actually kinda choked. Get well Rebecca...best to you. Click here for the full article.