Victoria Beckham doing a Hello Kitty smile!!!

Love, love, love.

For those of you unfamiliar with Hello Kitty Asian culture – for some reason, my homeland people (the girls in particular) can’t pull off a full frontal grin without hunching forward and throwing their hands straight up in front of their faces like all cutesy cutesy stick a needle in your eyeball.

It’s the way they’re bred over there – worshipping pink cartoons and deliberately not growing brains. Or spines.

But I digress.

The point is – Victoria is happy and she’s showing it!

Here are the Beckhams being welcomed by the LA Galaxy today in front of a healthy-sized crowd. David will wear 23 and word is his jersey will generate brisk sales to the tune of millions and millions.

The contract appears to be paying off already.

As for the tv show – CTV has the exclusive rights in Canada and will air Victoria Beckham: Coming to America on Monday at 8pm. eTalk had the opportunity to screen it…I’m telling you – if you haven’t already seen her bit with Ali G from a few years ago – this bitch is hilarious.

Take the time to watch… you will love her. Or love to hate her. Really…what’s the difference?

PS. Becks in his suit - is that a burning yearning in your loins or what?