They all believe their own bullsh-t. What’s amazing about Victoria is that as ludicrous as it is, her version of the truth, somehow she manages to keep a straight face…as is the case with her concrete tits. Not only does she claim they’re authentic, she also insists they measure only 32B. Snort.

And now on publicity for her 1 hour reality show to air on CTV in Canada and NBC in America next Monday, Victoria is working some heavy duty spin … highlights from her AP interview below:

Rationale behind the show:
"It"s funny. People really get to see what I"m really like. I have quite a dry sense of humor, which I hope is going to translate to Americans...I"m incredibly blessed and I wanted to show that to everybody.” Blessed? Or Boastful? Which is bad news. Braggarts usually get bitchslapped.

About exposing her children:
"We don"t ever allow the children to be photographed or filmed. We like them to be normal kids. Anything we do professionally, we try to keep the children out of it. We don"t sort of traipse them up and down the red carpet."

Life in LA:
"I"m certainly not using this as a springboard to launch any sort of solo career, you"ll be glad to hear...We"re going to be quite low-key. There are people that are much more famous in L.A. than David and myself. We"re not out every night. We"re probably a lot more boring than people think." Look at this outfit from last month. Does that look “low key” to you?

David on the Road:
"I want my kids to see Mommy on the stage doing what I used to do and I want David to see it again. David is going to come on tour because he’ll cheat on me otherwise it starts when his football ends."

The Beckhams are coming. July 13th.