Please, please take Beckham OFF that Freebie 5 list! Are you crazy? He has a small football in place of a brain, is as vain as a peacock and … the voice! Have you HEARD him speak? Do you really find that falsetto estuary twang a turn-on? Maybe it sounds exotic to a non-Brit, I don’t know. Personally, I wouldn’t hit it for a blank cheque. Each to her own, I suppose. I can see the attraction of Joaquin, Brad is Brad is Brad, and Ryan I’ll take your word on as I’ve never seen a film of his. But Beckham? No no no no no. All the more so when you consider where he’s been … Dear Mo: Maybe you and I are different this way but I don"t need the man to deliver a sonnet while he"s having his way with me behind a waterfall in Tahiti.