My favourite couple, my favourite family, united in heartbreak. Here are David and Victoria in various shades of defeat following Saturday"s English heartbreak. And while the usual Posh-haters have been sniping for days about her bringing Simon Fuller along to the match or how her tears didn"t look sincere , I - being the ardent supporter that I am - beg to differ. I think I actually spy a few veins popping out from behind those shades, in addition to a slight reddening of the forehead that would seem to indicate some modicum of emotion…non? Not a blubbering wreck, to be sure, but Brooklyn had to be comforted, you know. And shouldn"t a mother hold it together for her dejected young son and his first taste of bitter disappointment? Still…the Beckhams wouldn"t be the Beckhams if people didn’t despise them so much. All the WAGs apparently couldn"t stand to be around Posh, making fun of her bald spot and her weight loss and her fake nipples and already, the UK tabs are spewing that David will be forced to bear the indignity of being part of the English team only as an alternate, the ultimate insult for someone who has worn the skipper band for the better part of this decade. So in the face of yet another dramatic sh*tstorm, the Beckhams returned home yesterday with their children, the picture of solidarity, and surprise, surprise - there"s Cruz…and there"s David HOLDING Cruz. Chubby little critter, isn"t he? But have I mentioned how much I adore the blonde angel called Romeo Beckham? Romeo Beckham who clearly doesn"t appreciate the tragedy of the situation? Can you resist Romeo Beckham? Can you really??? And finally…what would an article on the Beckhams be without some salacious rumour mongering? This time, however, the dish is way way off base. I"m talking about the Esther Canadas pregnancy reports and the ridiculous gossip that David is the father. Much as it would appeal to the basest part of my smutty soul, I can tell you definitively that this is complete bullsh*t, so ludicrous that not even News of the World will go near it. And if it"s not good enough for News of the World, you know it"s pretty much bunk, right? Thanks to Priscilla A for several great pics and for the catchy, catchy tagline!