Posh and Becks fans are losing their sh*t today over one little word signifying one huge development: is the Spanish Countdown underway??? Apparently so, according to a local tv station in Spain that caught up with David in his car, and upon being asked whether or not his wife was expecting, David"s response was a very simple "Si". But while British tabloids have yet to jump on the confirmation at press time, many seem to be convinced that David was lucid, that the interviewer spoke clearly and slowly enough for him to understand the question, and that his answer was legitimate, thereby giving the green light to 9 months of Posh Pregnancy Watch starting now - oh joy!!! To those of you who don"t understand what Spanish Beckham means - I took the liberty of naming their unborn daughter some time ago…has a nice ring to it, non? Still…there are the doubters: those who recall Victoria on a boozy bender just 2 weeks ago, those who are skeptical that David would announce the good news so loosely, and those who have compared this incident with the Cruz era, during which the couple refused to even discuss her bump, hidden for months under the quick fashion flash in the pan known as the pashmina and a variety of other obvious disguises - see attached - to say nothing of the fact that her stomach was as flat as ever just last week, photographed at the airport on her way back to Madrid and in the wives" box during the match against Villareal. Unfortunately, as I write, my UK sources are sleeping and since I"m travelling tomorrow, it"s radio silence til Tuesday night. But hey - let"s hang on to any thread of hope there is. A pregnant Posh is a beautiful Posh. And more importantly, a pregnant Posh will kill those ridiculous and incessant divorce claims, if only for a year or so. Goddess Save the Beckhams! Long live the Beckhams!