I’ll be wrong for George any day – ANY day. George who is smart and funny and gorgeous, who SHOULD be #2 on the Freebie Five if not for my sh-tty web skills, George who jokes that Brad will be mad seeing as the Two Time moniker was the only thing he could lord over his friend and co-star. George tells People he’s still not interested in kids or marriage but his approach to both questions is decidedly less hardline – as in “No…but whatever happens, happens.” I especially love his response to the child issue though: “I don"t have that gene that people have to replicate.” Ah-Xenu, George. Ah-Xenu. Coming from someone who also doesn’t have that gene, I’m thrilled with way he articulates it and I’m even more thrilled to be able to pull out his example the next time some idiot gapes at me when I tell her my womb will never be populated unless David Beckham decides he wants to give me a half Asian daughter named Leigh, at which point I suppose I might thaw it out to oblige his request. Why is it our society feels compelled to pity women who CHOOSE NOT to have babies??? Sorry…I digress. Let’s move on to the quiveration icing on the Clooney cake – his remarks that at his age, a sense of humour really is the most important. "Everybody says this, but sense of humor is No. 1 for me. It"s certainly what"s most attractive. It"s not the first thing you notice at 21, but it"s the first thing you notice now.” Funny that, non? Funny that all his exes look like pin-ups from skin rags and yet somehow George has managed to find the only 2 or 3 with a set of great cans and brains to boot? Well… that’s the thing about George, isn’t it? He’s full of sh-t but you love him anyway. Pray Goddess – please spare George from the SMA Curse. Because if he ends up like greasy McBongo in 9 months, I think my world really will be over. Source