Stop the presses. Victoria Beckham shops at TopShop??? Indeed she does. Today, August 9th, Oxford Street, Central London, as told to me by the lovely CK. Even more mind boggling…Mrs. Beckham was smiling! With no bodyguards and walking around the store with 2 staff members, declining to use the VIP section because she didn"t want the fuss. … … Damn. David MUST be doing SOMEthing right. Smiling AND shopping with the commoners? What hell is going on? Anyway, here are the corresponding photos and a couple of David in Seattle today. No, I couldn"t be bothered to get off my lazy ass and head down there but check out the throng of lusty ladies who did. I can"t even imagine what I"d do if I was that close to him. My #1. My sex God. My fantasy lover for the ages. The Goddess is good. Photos from The Fashion Spot