So you know how the biggest complaint against my Ultimate Fantasy Lover David Beckham has always been his voice? The ratty little squeak that completely belies the legendary outer package? Well I’ve now realized that it only sounds like that because for the most part, his speaking roles have consisted solely of three or four word answers. Like – “yes, I fink so”. Or – “yes, it’s vewwy good.” The trick is to get him going, you see. Because if he can manage to spit out an entire sentence, and yes, I know this is a stretch, the lizard issue goes away. Don’t believe me? Check out the following clip, sent to me by the lovely Jackie. As you can hear, his voice is fine. No… granted… it’s not George Clooney’s voice by far, but it is adequate and more importantly, it ceases to be an issue. You are now free to permit David a speaking role in your dreams. Not that it’s really necessary but once in a while, I do fancy going out for a nice dinner, you know? And now he can actually talk back, we’re going to be going out more often. Yay!