As reported in yesterday’s column, after her silent admission that David did indeed goose Rebecca Loos and that she chose to tough through it, am now more convinced that ever that Posh will never let him go. The Beckhams are for life, perhaps not out of passion but certainly out of pragmatism.

So here they are – leaving London with great fanfare and a hundred photographers and their boys in matching outfits, en route of course to Los Angeles for David’s much anticipated premiere Friday with the LA Galaxy.

And if tickets sales for the MLS are any indication across the league, he hasn’t set foot on a pitch yet and already the Beckham brand has financially boosted almost every club with fans, soccer or not, travelling from far and wide for a glimpse of Becks and his quiverating loins.

Question is: can he sustain the momentum?

Well, he’s certainly putting in the effort.

Right now, America is being assaulted with their attempt. In addition to the crazy hot W Magazine spread, David appears on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Victoria is making the talk show circuit, and of course her reality one hour special premieres on NBC on Monday. Will you watch? Or will you YouTube…or will you forget and not give a sh-t?

PS. Romeo is my favourite.

PPS. But look at David rockin’ every inch out of those jeans. That alone makes up for the voice, non?

PPPS. New farfetched rumour circulating – that Becks has taken to Little Sci and is now desperate for a daughter and is growing more and more frustrated with Victoria’s repeated requests to delay the arrival of the Beckham princess, who will no longer be named Angel as I predicted earlier even if conceived in Los Angeles, as Scary Spice has taken the name for the child Eddie Murphy refuses to acknowledge.

But LaLa sounds about right, don’t you think? LaLa Beckham?