Three years ago, David and Victoria mounted a full scale American assault. They aligned themselves with Damon Dash, they appeared in white D&G at the MTV Movie Awards, they went shopping, they bolstered the US economy, they kissed Anna Wintour’s ass, and still they were dealt a crushing defeat. Because unlike the rest of the world, America didn’t care. In many ways (at least in my opinion), the Beckhams’ Waterloo signalled the beginning of the darkest days of their marriage. The trade to Real Madrid happened that summer and, as we all know now, Victoria’s reluctance to move immediately to Spain opened the infidelity gates, through which walked Rebecca Loos and every other available, horny woman within a 50 mile radius. As a result, the famous Beckham foundation was rocked to its core and repairing the façade has been so painstaking a process, many believe a complete public restoration is probably impossible. In light of such negative historical precedent, can you blame me for feeling a little panicked over the recent TMZ report of a potential stateside move? Apparently there’s some talk of negotiations with the LA Galaxy and even though David’s approaching the twilight of his career, many think his presence on the US football circuit will boost national popularity of the sport, not to mention lucrative merchandising opportunities for the team and for the league - kinda like when Wayne went to the Kings. For what it’s worth, my sources say a move within the next 18 months is highly unlikely. First of all, there are the childcare issues. Victoria relies heavily on her parents to mind the boys and while living in Spain is one thing, a cross Atlantic move is another matter entirely – something the Adams family might not be so open to. Next up – David isn’t exactly a detriment to his current squad. In fact, sales of his jersey are usually tops for the team and the worldwide of appeal of Real Madrid has been undeniably enhanced by his participation. Given that he can still play reasonably well, all things considered, soccer’s most well bankrolled superteam probably isn’t going to let him go so easily. Finally, I’m told Victoria is in no mood to shake up what seems to be a return to idyllic times, especially now that David is finally willing to give #4 another go. Things are terrific, and as you can see from these photos of the two enjoying the last moments of their summer holiday, the Beckhams’ emotional and physical engines are currently purring at high performance levels. Check it out, gossips – can you believe Posh is actually smiling…and READING??? My favourites though are the airport shots. Everything, from her hair to HIS hair (love it!) to the outfits (look at her shoes!!!) and their signature hand in hand walking pose – everything is perfection and practise. There’s something to be said for unapologetic effort, you know? Like any high end product, the Beckhams are a thoroughly crafted brand, with the kind of precision detailing and choreography that we just don’t see any more in this modern age of celebrity. Goddess save the Beckhams! Posh & Becks fuh-evah!