If they made it through his ‘98 red card and her solo singing attempt and Rebecca Loos and Esther Canadas and Sarah Marbeck and a masseuse and a nanny and countless other faceless, nameless encounters – does this mean they can make it through anything? Pray Goddess, let it be so. Like a heavyweight against the ropes, the Beckhams continue to defy the gossip. All those pre-World Cup reports - that he couldn’t stand her, that he doesn’t look at her the same way anymore, that he’d leave her as soon as they the tournament was over – all of it, of course, is now forgotten. Because as you can see from these photos taken during the Italian leg of their neverending summer holiday, Vicky and David are just fine. In fact, I’m told they are MORE than fine. They are happier than they have been in years. And yes, it certainly didn’t hurt that the cameras were around to capture it. So you’ve heard the buzz, right? That Victoria is hellbent on bringing a new Beckham into the world in 2007? Just 6 months ago, David apparently wasn’t onside with that plan. Cut to present day and it’s definitely a new attitude, a complete turnaround for him, a sincere eagerness to try for a fourth, and the effect it’s having on HER is fantastic. Word is, she’s even eating…a little. Still crazier is that people who’ve seen them have told me that she seems a tad, teensy, weensy, smidge less close to dying of starvation. And if her ass is any indication – I think I believe them. Not as bony as you thought, is it? Anyway, take a look at the happy Beckhams: she in a one piece (do you love that she doesn’t wear bikinis?) and he with flamey shades, a shorter do, and - Sweetmotherofgoddess - tighty little euro trunks. Shall I give you a sec to catch your breath and still your loins? Photos from the Daily Mail