We"re 2 days from the start of football fever and one of the best things about that is a guaranteed glimpse of David almost every day, be it on the pitch for a match or on his hotel balcony in his tightey whiteys (one can hope - this is from a few years ago). As you may have guessed, I am a complete anglophile. Which means that I will be rooting for two teams: England because I am convinced I should have been born British and Polska because I married Polish. Coincidentally, they share the same colours. So here"s my man, the only man, the finest man - trim and fit and World Cup ready, hanging out with teammate Ashley Cole. Pure loin quivering hotness with his shirt off. And pure molten loin quivering hotness with a suit ON. Sweet goddess - it"s like animal kingdom whenever I see him. But enough with the gushing for a sec. Something"s been nibbling at the back of my mind for a while now. Does it strike you odd that Cruz is over a year old and we"ve seen him maybe twice…three times at best? Compared to Brooklyn and Romeo, #3 has been practically non-existent, non? Will we see them all in Germany, picture perfect in the Beckham box? Something tells me yes. Victoria wouldn"t pass up the opportunity. And please don"t tell me she"s a bad mother. I"m not interested in waking up from my illusions, thank you very much.