I"ll admit it - I"m full on addicted, I can"t help myself, but sick as she is - I do love her style. Because Victoria is THE quintessential woman who dresses for women. Here they are out for dinner the other night, as glamourous as ever, as strong as ever, as illustrated by a curious incident from last week. One random cheating report in one of the UK rags, from some flooze claiming David was in love with her while he was engaged to be married to Victoria. Now normally, any hint of infidelity relating to Posh and Becks is big news (even if this dates back 7 years) and bound to cause a stir, not only because the Brits love nothing more than to bag on the Beckhams but also because the Beckhams sell papers. This time, however, the story came and went, without follow up, without so much as a blip, without any fuss at all. Why? Because right now, as I"ve been telling you for weeks, David is behaving, Victoria is happy, and there is absolutely nothing fresh to dig up. In fact, most cynics admit they"re as solid as they were back in the day, back when the giggly couple were on Parkinson for her book launch, when he was still with United, before the Spanish affair, even before Romeo. If you haven"t seen it, look for it on YouTube - a must for every Beckham devotee and a nice departure from her perma pout with the pappies. Posh really is so much more palatable when she smiles. Thanks to Jellie for sending along the pics.