sh-t. Now I need to kick someone off the Freebie Five again to bring back Zizou. So who? How about Harry? Something tells me Harry doesn’t dig Asians. Something tells me Zizou digs the United Nations a whole lot. Zizou it is. Zizou will return to the Freebie Five soon as I get home to change it. And Zizou also at the Knicks game this week declining comment as to whether or not he will join Becks and play in the US. I’m of 2 minds about this: On the one hand – seeing Zizou exposed weekly on the North American stage…good. Seeing Zizou sell out to end his career…bad. Selling out is ok, even expected, for David Beckham. Not so much for Zinedine Zidane…just doesn’t feel right, you know what I mean? Source