Do you LOVE it? I do. Not for everyone but definitely for me…and probably for the gays. I can hear the gays moaning. Which is what’s great about David, non? He’s never afraid to cater to the gays.

Check these two out, posing up a storm at the Sports Industry Awards in London tonight. Look at her…she kills me. How many hours do you think she spends practising? Love, love, love. Also am all over the black baby doll with those YSL’s. At least I “think” they’re YSL’s?

And him… from some angles, I know, the new ‘do is kinda coney. But still. He can rock almost anything. And he can certainly rock this. Especially when he’s all dolled up in a killer tux. The tie, the flair, don’t think for one second she dresses him. Because if you’ve watched any of their videos you’ve likely seen that he’s just as vain and just as obsessed with his clothing as she is.

Which is why they are perfection together.

Posh & Becks fuh-evah. Goddess save the Beckhams.