Eating again AND burning the weave??? What in F&CK is going on? Is David finally getting through to his wife??? Because as we all know, when Victoria is unhappy or when David is unhappy with Victoria, word is she always resorts to torturing her body, partly because she"s unstable and partly for attention - after all, how can he leave her when she"s such a wretched mess? Call it starvation blackmail, call it hunger hostage-taking, whatever it is, it"s textbook…and it"s worked - to a point. My sources say David has spent the better part of a year convincing Victoria that he"ll be true, that he wants her to get past the damage, encouraging her to eat, encouraging her to trust, encouraging her to start embracing herself. Cheese? Yes. But hey, I"m tellin" it like I hear it. So as we all know, the Beckhams have only grown closer over the last few months, to the point where the best the UK tabloids can come up with are a few flimsy stories circulated by the other British WAGs, stories that have since proved without merit, based more on petty and covetous jealousies than truly objective observations. Because apparently, Victoria is happier than she"s been in years, proving once and for all that the Beckhams, underneath the silicone and the gel, are truly British after all: stoic, resilient, and NOT to be underestimated. Check out Victoria with her own hair, and only her own hair for a change, from front and back last night in London - a staggering improvement, don"t you think? Photographic evidence that all is gold with my favourite obsession, that Posh and Becks are more solid than ever, that she"s happy, that he"s faithful, and that Spanish Beckham is surely on her way. The Goddess is great indeed. Goddess save the Beckhams. Photos from The Beckhams Groove