Nearly 2 years ago, the Beckham brand was in crisis. One after another the floozies came forward with explicit detail about David"s penchant for naughty text messaging and his apparently insatiable appetite in the bedroom. If you choose to relive the sordid tale go through my archives and look through April 5 - April 15, 2004. Hot horny scandal…what"s not to love??? Thankfully for her - and for us as well - Vicky chose to forgive and forget. When you can"t sing and you can"t act and you love to shop and you don"t want to work another day in your damn life, what other options did she really have? Clearly, Posh Spice is much more intelligent than we give her credit for. Many people are not astute enough to properly assess the confines of their abilities. Most of these unfortunate souls live their entires lives reaching for something that can never be attained. It is tragic, it is sad, but it is entirely unnecessary. Victoria, however, did not make that mistake. Ever the pragmatist, she understood early on that her Goddess given talents were limited to getting pregnant, getting plastic surgery, giving head, posing, purchasing couture, and not eating. Given this impressive resume, don’t you think her "turn the other silicone cheek" decision was really the most brilliant move, like, ever? Here"s Mrs. Beckham playing dutiful football wife, taking care of her boys, looking polished and perfect as usual, and - most importantly - no longer straying too far from the piece of heaven she was lucky enough to marry. Long live the Beckhams! Victoria and David fuh-evah!