Well…what else is new? Shopping in London wearing a motherhonkin’ huge emerald, concrete tits disappointingly concealed. Word is she and Becks were supposed to join the British crowd in Thailand over New Year’s but I’ve just heard a rumour that they were paid something crazy like $6 million to be in Japan instead. Take that for what you will. As for the elusive Spanish Beckham, or Angel Beckham if they move to the States, ongoing efforts have reportedly proven futile, and UK tabloids are sniping that Victoria is despondent over her surprising fertilisation failure. Becks meanwhile has returned to practice with Real Madrid, apparently they’ve offered to resign him for “slightly more” than he’s currently making. Talks are expected to resume next week but a final decision likely will not be made until March. Skeptics say the deal is contingent less on his current playing skills (he rides the pine on occasion these days) than on his lucrative endorsement influence, as the Beckham brand reels in millions for the club each year. Still… some are talking as though the LA Galaxy is a foregone conclusion and while my smutty heart would love nothing more than to see the Beckhams become a fixture on the Hollywood pappie scene, the anglophile in me hopes they stay keep it Euro. It’s the essence of their chavilicious appeal, non? Source and Source and Source