As in the case with Leo and with Gwyneth, criticism is most valuable when it comes from your most ardent supporters. No secret – I am unabashedly one of the biggest Beckham fans out there, in spite of the Chav, in spite of it all, I can’t get enough. But stunts like this are too obnoxious, even for me. Photos below, Posh at the Bambi Awards Thursday in Germany, apparently there’s some kind of drama going on about images of her taken at the event. And this ain’t gossip, gossips. This is coming from the Associated Press, asked before the show to sign a document that “would have allowed Beckham to get copies of all photos, with the ability to use them for promotional purposes” and furthermore embargoing photographers from leaking any "confidential information" possibly revealed during the ceremony. Please honey…who the f*ck are you? Needless to say, the AP told her to jump up its ass, deciding to pass on the entire show as a result with several other agencies (Getty the exception) complying but deliberately shunning her on the carpet just to spite her. Ummm..excuse me? Confidential information? What kind of confidential information can be gleaned by appearing at an awards show? Was she planning on announcing to the entire audience that she’s pregnant? Or getting a divorce? Or that David asked her to take it up the arse? This is one of the most photographed women in the world – willingly so. Remember, she posed for almost 3 minutes while exiting her hotel on the way to the GMD wedding just to show off her hat. It’s no secret, Victoria Beckham always wants her picture taken, even when she doesn’t want her picture taken. So what’s up with the sudden control freak? My smutty sense is tingling…will keep you posted. TMZ