Would Victoria Beckham be Victoria Beckham if she didn’t pull out the full chav AND the concrete tits AND the enormous headgear AND pose gratuitously for several long minutes on the fraud occasion of someone else’s wedding? Would you have had it any differently? Watching this woman rock an entrance like a true famewhore is one of the great pleasures of my smutty life, few celebrities are as enjoyably flagrant in their shamelessness, and it is a privilege and a luxury for us to be able to eat up this kind of cheesy decadence several times a week. So please…let’s just enjoy it while we can, ok? Posh won’t be around forever. And when she’s gone, you will miss her. Don’t. Lie. Besides, minus the fact that her silicone is jammed too tightly – she really does look fantastic. Note how the leather knot on the hat matches the one on the dress – gorgessity, non? As for David, apparently he could only come for the rehearsal dinner, flew his ass in town to get the GMD excited about SOMEthing, and flew right back to join his team where he suffered the indignity of not even dressing for the match against Primera Liga. Still…it’s an athlete’s life. Not even the Power of the Dwarf could have changed that. Also – here’s a “casual” Posh leaving Rome on Sunday. Those pants – do they remind you of that episode of Friends when Ross perspired in his leather trousers and couldn’t get them off? No relevance at all, just asking… Source