The Los Angeles Galaxy have confirmed they are interested in signing David Beckham, on the heels of yet another disappointing match on Sunday for Real Madrid. David has been benched often this season and given that he has not been shy about an American migration, news today that the Galaxy covets his boots could be the temptation he needs to finally make the jump. Football – or soccer – needs a posterboy in America. David could do for the sport what Wayne Gretzky did for hockey when he signed – ironically enough – with the LA Kings. And to say that Posh would thrive in the plastic smog that is Los Angeles would be an understatement. Given what I saw last week, she’d fit right in…that’s my girl. 

Reminds me of a funny story a friend told me recently when she was down there during the last Posh & Becks California publicity tour couple of years ago. May have told you the tale before but just in case, am too lazy to go looking through archives. So they duck into this restaurant, hunker down at a table doing nothing for almost an hour, their “people” are on the phone calling the pappies, when the pappies arrive, they ready themselves and walk out the door, pretending to hate the attention, milking every minute in reality. Who does it better than the Beckhams? And wouldn’t you love it if the Family Cruise and the Family Beckham could all be found in one huge celebrity cesspool? Source